It’s funny the way things work out and the way Heavenly Father has a plan for every single one of us and that plan is perfect. I feel like I should back this story up and start from the beginning to explain my strong feelings on God’s plan for us.

A few weeks ago, Alex and I found out we were expecting. We’ve been married almost a year now and were just so excited. This was the next step. A few days later, we lost the baby. This is not the first time it has happened to us. To say I was devastated would be a gross understatement. I felt like having a child is the most natural thing a person can do, and I had let Alex down yet again. Of course, he did not feel this way toward me but I projected it onto myself. I reached out to mother who suggested we see a specialist.

I called this specialist at the University of Pennsylvania to schedule my appointment. My mother works for a doctor so I understand how difficult it is to see a doctor, particularly a specialist. However, when calling they were able to schedule me for the following week. Alex and I go Friday to UPenn. This was insanely fast. I could not believe how quickly we are able to start the process of getting answers. I consider this to be a huge blessing in our life. What a difference it will make for our family.

When asking my boss for the afternoon off to go to this doctor’s appointment I was hit with a “not possible.” It crushed me. How could I be so close to have it taken away? A co-worker of mine asked if we could switch times for the day of my doctor’s appointment. She is typically in early and out early, out early enough that I would make my appointment. My boss approved the switch. Just like that, my appointment was back on. Another blessing. How fortunate was I? Something so simple as switching times with a co-worker could solve my problem. I would never have asked someone to do that, but she felt compelled to switch exactly when I needed it. I know my Heavenly Father helped to provide this opportunity for me.

A few days after we found out I was no longer with child, I had the idea to get my Patriarchal Blessing (for those of you who do not know what this is please do not hesitate to reach out and ask). I immediately called the Bishop and asked if that was something we could talk about. My ward has over 300 people in it, so I was not expecting a call from my Bishop saying he could see me that Sunday during church. I was so excited and nervous all at once. What if he didn’t think I was living righteously enough to get my blessing?

Sunday, I met with our Bishop where I was told that an interview was unnecessary.  He said he knew me and my family well enough that an interview was not required and he had my recommend ready to go. I was floored. We have only been in this ward for two months, a mere 8 weeks. Some of those weeks we spent back in Cape May. The Bishop has hundreds of members under his watch, but he knows me and my husband. It was very moving.

After giving me my recommend, the Bishop warned me that seeing the Patriarch would take some time as there is only one for each stake. I understood of course, but was hoping to see the Patriarch as soon as possible due to recent events and an upcoming doctor’s appointment. I knew seeing the Patriarch in the time frame I was hoping for was a long shot and I had accepted that.

I called the Patriarch and my call was returned later that evening. He was able to schedule my blessing for this Friday, a day before General Conference. I was floored by how quickly he was able to see me. This is such a rare occurrence. Such a busy man was able to see me within 3 days. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to receive this blessing right before Conference. I can only think that this will make Conference incredibly special for me.

I think it is not a coincidence that my doctor’s appointment, patriarchal blessing and general conference takes place over the course of three days. I think this is an unexpected blessing from our Heavenly Father. Despite the loss of a pregnancy, blessings have come our way. I think it is important to recognize what Heavenly Father happinessdoes for us in the midst of trials. While I was suffering, Heavenly Father provided a way to lift my spirit greatly. I believe everything happens for a reason and that reason is for Heavenly Father to know and us to find out. There is a reason these events are all taking place at once. Without knowing the outcome, I know Heavenly Father made it happen for my benefit. There is a reason He has all these events taking place at one time. I cannot wait to find out what that reason may be. Blessings come whether we recognize them or not. It is easy to ignore them when something tumultuous is happening in our lives. Let us always remember that Heavenly Father does everything for our benefit, He wants us to be happy. If we open our eyes and our hearts we will find His hand in everything.