As we all know, I’ve given notice to my job as to my impending departure. Now my boss and I had been discussing severely slashing my hours and she asked if I was unhappy. Other members of management noticed my unhappiness. I have a terrible poker face. So when I put in my two weeks it should not have come as a massive shock that I was leaving. However, my boss was in disbelief when I gave my notice. Instead of taking the notice with grace, I was met with disgust. My boss asked if I “was going to just waste my time sitting home and waiting for my husband to tell me what I can and cannot do.” I could not believe she had the audacity to one speak to me like that and two that she thought that’s what a housewife would do. I was appalled until I realized that this is a common reaction.

Most people think that because I’m choosing to stay home that I’ve become a servant to my husband,

I believe this is how my boss and others see being a housewife.
I believe this is how my boss and others see being a housewife.

which is far from the case. My husband and I are equal partners, as it should be.

I know quite a few housewives and stay at home moms and they are far busier than one imagines. It is not the life of leisure the media portrays. If anything I already have a schedule for when my hours are spent at home. I promise it is a jam packed schedule. The time to lounge on the couch and watch my shows is few and far between. And please hold me accountable if that ever appears to be the case.

Despite what my boss thinks, I know this was the right choice for my husband and I. You must always do what’s best for you, life is too short to waste it being unhappy. Go make the best choices for you my friends.