Alex and I are firm believers in preparation. I think he gets that from the Army and I get it from being type A. Either way, we are always prepared.

I think preparedness comes in many forms. Being from New Jersey the upcoming storm is fresh on my mind.  I am seeing school and business closings have already started, pictures of roads flooded are flooding my newsfeed (pardon the pun) and friends are telling me the grocery stores are packed with people trying to prepare now. It’s fantastic that people are going out to get ready in case Mother Nature takes over as it did with Sandy. However, I wonder why not have these supplies handy already? Why not stock your pantry with water, non-perishables, candles, flashlights, batteries, etc? At the Love house we have an endless supply of candles, batteries and flashlights.

The Church is big on emergency preparedness. Here’s a checklist of things to keep handy just in case. Be sure to rotate items out and check that everything fits, is up to date, etc. Now, I’m not saying prepare for an apocalypse but be prepared for you to lose power for days. During Sandy, New Yorkers lost power for days.

Preparedness does not just come in preparing physically for weather emergencies but emotionally and spiritually we must prepare. This week is General Conference. This weekend the world will hear from the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and other leaders in the church. This is an amazing experience for all to hear direct revelation from our Heavenly Father.

However, we cannot just turn on our TV and watch Conference. Alex and I have been preparing all week for this event. This includes things like prayer, scripture study and honestly thinking about what questions we have. What are our priorities right now? We’ve kept each other accountable for doing what is necessary to get the fullness of Conference.

I am also preparing for my Patriarchal Blessing for tomorrow. I have been praying and tonight I will start Fasting. This small amount of preparation I can do will only produce large benefits.

Moral of the story, prepare prepare prepare! Taking some time out of your day to prepare for the physical, emotional, and spiritual will only benefit you. I can promise you this.