The other day my girlfriend sent me this poem:


I was so taken aback by it. How true this was. I remember being in high school, thinking   life would be so much better if I were just in college. How desperate I was to go to Coastal Carolina University. After coming home for my first summer, I was dying to get back. I left New Jersey a month prior to school starting because I could not wait.

The excitement to finish my BA had faded and I could not wait to graduate. Life would be so much better if I were just finished school and working. Then I got my first job, I loved it, at first. I was so eager to go to work; try to make a difference. How quickly that too faded. I decided to go back to school and get my Masters.

The list of job to school never ends. For a few months I love school, I never want to finish. Then I graduate and cannot wait to find a job. I love the job initially, and when it fades I find myself back in school.

I was always looking for the next best thing. The next thing that would make me happy. But I realized, it was never the school or the job that kept me from being satisfied. It was my attitude.

I needed an attitude of gratitude. So many of my friends struggled to find jobs after graduation, I had one before I even finished my BA. When in graduate school, people told me how envious they were that I could go back.

Someone will always want what you have and vice versa. You will always be searching for the next bigger and better thing, the next thing that gives you that high. But I promise nothing will give you that feeling continuously unless you change your attitude. Be grateful to have what you have. Love yourself. That’s most important. If you don’t love your situation, think about what you can do to change it. Look internally to find out what would truly make you happy and evaluate why you are unhappy. Is it a truly unbearable situation or does your attitude have some impact on your feelings?

Take a step back my friends and live. Stop dying to get to the next stage in your life. No one wants to wake up one day with a life full of regrets.