So recently, I’ve been reading a few articles on other women who have left their offices to be home. Some referred to themselves as housewives and others as homemakers.

I wanted to define the two and talk about them

According to Merriam-Webster a Housewife is “a married woman who stays at home, does cleaning, cooking, etc., and does not have another job outside the home.”

A homemaker, according to, is “a person who manages the household of his or her own family,especially as a principal occupation.”

4c8e0e9584d851a8a2ce7c42fe2bf7cdNow, these definitions sound pretty similar at first glance. However, to me, they are worlds apart. I think that by being a homemaker you are taking an active role in the household, thus an equitable partner in the marriage.

By saying you’re a homemaker as opposed to housewife, I feel there is more respect. Maybe that’s just me. The word housewife has such a 1950’s connotation. Not that I think anything is wrong with this. If anything I love the way women took care ofd their homes, children and husbands. It was with real pride and effort. f55a93a8f730b4f6ac2eccae6ea574b3

I think the homemaker is the modern 50’s housewife. I think it encompasses more of what women or men are doing at home. It’s not simply cooking and cleaning but managing the home. It’s making sure everything is running smoothly and effectively.

While as of Tuesday I will no longer be bringing in income, I can have a job. I can do my job as wife and homemaker. I can make sure my home is as perfect as it can be. That’s really all we can do, isn’t it?

Just be the best we can be for ourselves and our partners. While housewife and homemaker may seem to put women in a step back for feminism in some women’s eyes, it’s a huge step in the right direction for me and for many others. I think it’s empowering. I think it’s empowering to stand by your home, your husband and your goals as a couple.

Whatever your goals are as woman, wife, mother, partner, be sure you love it. Make your decision and own it. a29d6a615dbf6ef69f0bdd3f0aeaae8d