My poor husband has recently had to endure me rewatching the Gilmore Girls, which I’ve seen the series a few times. He said he liked it, but I’m sure that’s just him being a good husband. He does the same thing with Gossip Girl, which I’ve seen the series multiple times too. More on Gossip Girl at a later date.

sexyHowever, I absolutely loved Gilmore Girls and more importantly I loved Rory. I could understand Rory. She was the committed relationship type, the writer, the reader, naive but of the world all at once. She was a strict planner. She knew exactly what she wanted and how she would get there. And that I understood about her (and Paris).

Rory is known for being an avid reader and writer. For a long time, I always had a book in my purse. But I could never just read something light. It was always heavy and always intellectually challenging. I always had to read something that made me questioned how I thought of the world. Like Rory, anigif_enhanced-buzz-28841-1380175614-6I obtained not one but two degrees in writing. We shared the same passion for politics and political writing. We love journalism. I think she was my role model, my aspiration without ever calling her such. I constantly find myself asking, “What would Rory do?”.

I’ve decided that even though my library is extensive and the books I’ve read is even more lengthy, I haven’t matched Rory. Now, I know she’s fictional, however I see myself in her. It’s almost like she’s the one pushing me to be better, try harder. For that reason I will be doing the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. Her extensive knowledge in literature seeps into every aspect of her life, making her a better student. conversationalist, etc. I invite you all on this journey with me. I think being well versed can only prove to be an effective way to spend some time. Maybe less time watching American Horror Story and more time reading a great novel.

I will be sharing my thoughts, feelings, opinions, lessons learned etc. each time I finish a book on the list. I invite you all to join me on the challenge.

Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge Books.

Happy Reading my friends.