Last night I had a visit from my Visiting Teachers. For the month of November, the message was to share something or your favorite message from this past General Conference.

We all know how much I love General Conference so I was super excited to hear what my sister’s loved and what they felt I needed to hear.

Let’s back track and say that my Sunday had a theme. A very unintentional spiritual theme. The talks during Sacrament were about doing God’s will and how sometimes we are reluctant to follow the Spirit. One member said, “I will do what Heavenly Father wants if it is also what I want,” and how that seems to be a general attitude we sometimes have. Every time I feel the Spirit do I act on it? More often than not I sadly say no. But I often wonder what would happen if I did act on those feelings? We get promptings for a reason right?

With this talk fresh in my mind, we went to Gospel Principles where we discussed obedience. During the second hour we discussed how important it is to follow Christ willingly instead of out of fear or simply going through the motions. I thought, “wow! What a weird follow-up to Sacrament but how fitting.” I think sometimes we may do things for selfish reasons, like we are looking for that blessing that comes with being obedient instead of doing it out of love.

We moved on to our third hour where everyone gathered instead of splitting up. This time we discussed that the state of Pennsylvania has passed a law that every volunteer working with anyone under 18 must have a background check. I think this is completely reasonable request. As someone who will hopefully have children, I am thankful for this mandate. What struck me was the continuation of the morning. We discussed how important it is to be compliant and to follow the rules. Sounds all too familiar to the conversation on obedience and following the Spirit.

Now this brings me to my Visiting Teachers. Talk about driving the message home. The message they decided to share was from The Primary General President, Rosemary M. Wixom. This talk from Conference was about how we all have divine nature and how everything we do comes from that divine nature. She said, “we come to this earth to nurture and discover the seeds of divine nature that are within us.” She then gives reasons on how we know we have divine nature. Things like we know what our purpose on this planet is, we know that we are loved, we learn because of our divinity and we serve because of it.

My Visiting Teachers pointed out how they, like most people, sometimes go through the motions and how easy it is to worry about things that are secular. What seems to keep them in check is remembering that they have divine nature. That everything we do should be in relation to that. That message was given to me 4 times yesterday. This is something I know I need to work on and I’m sure we all can work on it. How many of us can accurately say we are living up to our potential? How often do we ignore a prompting?

I challenge myself and everyone reading this to just try living like you are a Child of God. See what a difference it makes in your life. Let me know how it changes your perspective 🙂