Today, I had a very unusual experience in Church. Due to my current foot situation, I’m walking a whole lot slower and therefore I’ve been stopped by more people in Church than normal. Usually Alex and I are ready for our post Church nap so we’re out quickly.

Well today is Fast Sunday so we really wanted to be on our way home quickly, we were absolutely starving. Due to my slow nature that did not happen. We were stopped by a lot of people, most of whom were so sweet and offered a helping hand if need be. I felt so much love and support.

However, this was not everyone’s disposition. An older member stopped to see how I was doing since breaking my foot. After talking about my foot they were talking about how Alex and I are the odd couple. That struck me for a minute. I didn’t know we were odd and I was curious to know in what sense she thought we were odd.

This member proceeded to tell me it was strange that we were a young couple with no kids and that made us stand out. They told me it was probably difficult for other young couples in the Ward because it would be hard to relate to us because of our lack of children and the focus we have on our education. 9a5c8111e4f072da325b1cbc26e4cf6d.jpg

I honestly did not know how to respond. As the older I’ve become the less confrontational I’ve become, I just sort of smiled and said, “well we’re working on it.” That was really all I could say without losing it or sobbing profusely in the lobby.

I think maybe this member and others see our lack of children as odd but little do they know how hard it has been to conceive successfully. I know that when the time is right and when Heavenly Father’s time is right we will have children. I know that this is His plan for us. I have complete and total faith in our Heavenly Father and His plan for mine and Alex’s life as a couple and potential parents. I know that children will happen when they are meant to happen. ef4e6b0b9313c37a6b40b8f16f7914f0.jpg

Until then I ask that people everywhere to be sensitive to the plight of those trying to have children. We are all facing some struggle in our lives, some no one knows about. I urge you to be cautious when bringing up such subjects such as children, marriage, etc. The situation may not be as it appears. It may not be an omission but simply something beyond someone’s control.