As promised I would tell you about Al Fox Carraway’s book “More Than the Tattooed Mormon.” e70af7b9ec1dcf4cae23402b7d8922c6

I started the book December 1 and I was done by December 4, it was that amazing. Even with the craziness of finals (note* I should be writing my final papers as we speak, I have two due tomorrow), my internship and “working” I was able to finish the book in three days. I honestly could not put it down.

Let me say my love for this book does not come solely because of my Faith but because of the actual content and the message this book has.

Without giving away all of her secrets, the book is divided into two parts, “my story” and “your story.”

As mentioned in a previous post, the first half is about her own struggle with the gospel, her own conversion and how she struggled to understand what Heavenly Father wanted from her but the importance of following the Spirit even when we cannot see what the reason is.

I really related to this. I knew the Church was true. Sister Ricks, aka my soul sister, on the very first lesson asked me in front of friends to pray about the Book of Mormon, out loud. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous in my life. I did it anyway thinking to myself “okay I say a prayer. I appease them. No big deal. What’s going to happen?” Well let me tell you, the Spirit all but smacked me upside the head with a 2×4. I instantly felt like I couldn’t breathe. It was the most overwhelming feeling. I knew right in that moment the Church was true. The Book of Mormon is as real as ever. What did that mean for me? I had to change my life. How would I continue knowing what I knew? I struggled in the very same way Carraway did.

I had just starting dating my now husband, who was not a member. It was suddenly so important to me to marry in the temple. Sister Ricks had me selecting which temple I’d get married in someday. My husband was not a member. What was a girl to do?

I followed the Spirit. I knew Alex was the one. I’ve always known he was the one. We’ve been inseparable since we met. I stopped taking the lessons from the missionaries because something was telling me I needed to pursue my relationship with Alex despite the fact that he wasn’t a member and I knew the Church was true.

That something was the Spirit. I was following a gut feeling, something in me told me to continue on this journey with Alex. God knew he was the one for me and that together we could be active members of His Church. I think this was a huge piece in Carraway’s book. She followed the Spirit not knowing what the outcome would be. I am so thankful I followed my gut. I could not imagine have missed out on my life with Alex just as Al could not have imagined her life any differently.

This has to be divine 

Al’s second half of the book is “your story.” This is where she offers real life advice. Advice about trials, changing, marriage and life in general.

Overall she encourages readers to own their self-worth. Know who you are and own it.

Life is simply not worth pretending to be something you are not or making yourself unhappy at the expense of others. Do not worry about what other people think. Make the choices that best suit you. It won’t always be easy or make exact sense but if you do what is best for you it will all work out.

I don’t care if you believe in God or not at this point in your life, it does not matter to me what religion you believe in, what your life goals are, what your relationship status is, I highly suggest picking up her book. It was so much more than a book on religion. It was a book on finding yourself and being true to yourself.