I know I’ve been absent lately and I apologize. A lot has been happening at the Love Household.

You all know I’ve spent basically my entire life in education and then subsequently working in jobs I have loved. The problem was never the work but the employer. I have the hardest time working for people. Anyway, is why I decided to start my own marketing firm, A.Love Marketing.

However, this post is not about my firm but someone very special who helped launch my business. Sarah Cowan, of Scrounging Mama, is a long time friend. We’ve known each other since actual diapers. I knew I could trust her when it came to my logo design.

I called her on a Saturday morning to talk about what I wanted in my logo. Somethingd76e314bff6bddd482a7c7c46d23acf9.jpg simple and something teal, had to have a monogram. That was the end of my requirements.


She said to me she’d have it back very soon but she does not “work on Sunday’s because that’s family day.” I cannot begin to tell you how I felt when she said that. In a world that does not see Sunday as a day of rest anymore, it was so refreshing to hear someone say that they will not work on Sunday.

She’s successful without having to dedicate 7 days a week to the job. She gives time to her family and I think that’s what is most important.

Moral of this short story is you can be successful without working every single day. Never work so much that you miss the important moments with family. Work will come and go but moments to enjoy your family do not last forever.Β After that conversation with Sarah I can successfully say I have not worked on Sunday. Not one thing for my business nor have I done any homework. Sunday is the day to spend in Church and with my husband. Both of which I am thankful for. Sunday’s make the rest of the week possible and enjoyable.

What do you do with your Sunday?