So I haven’t been to the temple in a few weeks. Not since Alex and I promised each other forever.

I am seriously so thankful for holy places like the temple.

It has been such a chaotic and stressful few weekstand-ye-in-holy-places-dc-87-8s so when my friend called earlier this week and asked if I wanted to go to the temple I jumped at the opportunity.

Well, last night was our temple date. Naturally, things were going wrong. Thank you adversary. My friend had an awful day at work, I was getting a migraine and we hit a ton of traffic. It was almost 6 and we had to be at the temple by 6 for our appointment. We hadn’t even dropped her son off yet to her brother. So we called the temple and they were so kind and let us move our appointment to 8 PM instead.

Talk about relief. It was so stressful the entire process of getting there and coordinating with everyone involved. Once we got there though, the world disappeared. It was magical.


Because we were so early for an 8 PM appointment (since we planned on coming at 6) we got to do a little extra spiritual work. Boy was it needed.

I felt so edified before I even went to ourย appointment. The appointment we had naturally only made me feel more spiritually complete.

After our session, you get to sit in what we call the celestial room.

Celestial Room - 4
Celestial Room – Official photo from the LDS Church

It’s our little slice of heaven in such a heavenly building. I prayed about a lot of things that were weighing on my mind and I got the warmest feeling. I teared up (so embarrassing). I know that our Heavenly Father heard my pleas and understands what I’m going through. And I know only He knows exactly what I need. I felt at such peace knowing I am in His hands.

Before this temple was built, it was a little bit of a hike to get there. A full day event. Now the temple is an hour away and I am so thankful I can go and feel like I do now often.

The adversary will always try to prevent you from doing God’s work. He doesn’t want you to be spiritually satisfied. There are times I’ve let Satan win and not gone to church or the temple when I really wanted to go.

Do whatever you have to do to stand in holy places. Never let the adversary win. I promise you will be blessed in more ways than you can imagine.