Okay, so I know I’ve been away a while. A whole heck a lot has happened since Christmas time. I’m going to bullet the list of events to make it easy. Eventually, I’ll write something a little more detailed about them.

  • Right before Christmas, my hubby’s 16 year old cousin moved in with us. We went from no kids to a teen. YIKES. But this now means meetings at school, rugby practice, etc.
  • Our ward also split so we now have extra jobs. I started teaching the Sunbeams!
  • I’m back in graduate school for a second MA
  • We’re planning a move to South Carolina 
  • My husband started classes for the first time in a decade!
  • I launched a third (4th?) business to help mama’s stay home with their babes

So that’s the short version of what’s been going on! I haven’t abandoned you ❤ I’d love to hear what you’ve been up too lately! 15727191_10207938275917999_3936481003542355722_n.jpg