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Christmas Gifts for everyone on your list under $30

I love love love shopping for my loved ones. I love the thought that goes into each person I care about and finding them something I think they'd love. When you have a large amount of people to shop for... Continue Reading →

Together We Can Make a Difference

I recently embarked in a new business venture, Christian Bling. It's a faith-based company that allows me to work from home. Christian Bling offers opportunities to raise money for worthy causes, custom create pieces for foundations, and have faith inspired... Continue Reading →

“Sunday is family day”

I know I've been absent lately and I apologize. A lot has been happening at the Love Household. You all know I've spent basically my entire life in education and then subsequently working in jobs I have loved. The problem... Continue Reading →

Which career do I choose and why does it matter to you?

There's this tendency of some people in my life to constantly say they don't know what I'm doing or my interests are all over this place. I do not disagree. I always thought I was so weird because I feel... Continue Reading →

“You’re a real bread winner”

So, when I began writing I wrote about staying home and how important it is to me to focus on my relationship with my husband. Well turns out, staying home means taking on way too many projects. More projects than... Continue Reading →

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